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Tips - Meet our new friend, coach and partner

Let me introduce 3 lovely "friends" to you, give them a call especially when you are getting ready to receiving feedback. We are quite good at giving feedback, in fact, there are many tools and skills that help us structure a good or constructive feedback. The question is how to receive feedback in a positive way, receiving it as a GIFT.

I learned and knew (and created one) SARAH, TOD and THEO years ago. They are really helpful when receiving feedback, particularly, from peers, coworkers and co-facilitators.


When we receive feedback, please remember our good friend SARAH,

  • Surprise - at first you may be Surprised by the comments

  • Angry - then you may experience Anger about some unexpected comments

  • Reject - of course you Reject and think that they got it wrong!

  • Accept - but then you will see that it's from their experience and that cannot be wrong

  • Help - so you can now ask for Help on how you can develop or strengthen

Now we can work with our coach TOD to develop ourselves,

  • Talent - remember to focus on your Talents - areas of strength for you to celebrate!

  • Opportunity - from the development areas, you will now see the Opportunities available to you

  • Development - people took the time to give you feedback on Development areas - it's something to pay attention to

And we always cherish a working or learning partner THEO as a gift to us,

  • Trust - we Trust our partner

  • Honest - they are Honest to us when giving us the feedback

  • Empathy - we understand and acknowledge their effort to share their true feelings and experience with us

  • Ownership - we take the Ownership to learn and grow together

Give them a call whenever you need someone to support and inspire you.


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