Tips - Preparing for a video call


I started collaborating with clients and consultants in an online basis more than 10 years ago. I have meetings with clients, design programs together, conduct coaching sessions, deliver training and present proposals all through audio or video calls.

Even today, many organisations still prefer using dial-in (landline telephone) approach to deliver corporate training programs to their employees nationwide. They believe the call/video approach is easy, cost effective, and flexible to arrange for offices in different time zones around the world.

I enjoy very much of this "working environment". As long as I have a device with a camera connected to Internet, I can actually feel that people are here working with me together, that is quite fun, and distance is no more an issue.

In fact, I just finished a video call training session with a team of my client, and I would like to share with you a quick checklist of what and how I usually prepare for a video call.

  1. Is your "view" pleasant? - prepare yourself a pleasant "view" when you sit at your desk. A window to see outside, an inspirational canvas artwork, a pot of plant, a lighted candle, sunlight or even a family photo. Give yourself a pleasant view to help your t