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28 Day Challenge - mind-body balance

Welcome to our 28 day mind-body balance challenge! This is our first self challenge in 2019. I have been collecting ideas from our learning community groups, and you are welcome to join us to share ideas, participate challenges and share your achievements.


This is an online self challenge, so you can also invite your friends and families to join together. It's free and the set up is designed to allow you do a 15-30 minutes activity at home, a park or even your office during lunch break. You can work at your own pace or swop activities to suit your needs as long as you keep trying everyday.

The idea is to encourage self learning and personal growth by having a routine to practice and a group to support each other, also realising changes can be very simple but the impact is so powerful to help us take back control of our life, time and health.

Following is the mind-body balance challenge schedule and some tips and tools. Share a moment with us online of what you do and achieve on the day, follow us on our Facebook group and Instagram #lamsquare28daychallenge.



  • Work at your own pace, adjust the exercise or time to meet your fitness level

  • Plan in advance, think about where, when and who you like to do the activities

  • Invite a buddy to join you

  • Check your schedule and begin the challenge on a day that fits your schedule

  • Listen to your body and mind

Meditation: Practice silent meditation focusing on your breathing or choose from the following:

Yoga: Choose one (or a few) yoga practice that suits you the most, or if yoga is not your thing, simply change yoga to walking:

Exercise: Thanks to my training coach, Kirsten from KTFiT, for demonstrating the correct technique of each exercise (on KTFiT Get Active Facebook page):


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