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Master the Art of Facilitating Productive and Engaging Virtual Meetings

Leading a meeting in a pre-COVID world was already a difficult task, even for an experienced meeting leader. Challenges include maintaining attendees’ interest, focusing on agenda topics, managing conflicting interests/agendas and achieving a collaborative outcome, just to name a few. Today in 2020, meetings, conferences, trainings and other workplace communication are mostly conducted virtually, adding many new layers of challenge and frustration to facilitating a session that is timely, productive, and engaging. When team members are expected to participate in back-to-back online meetings, planning/brainstorming sessions, status updates, e-training and discussion groups, it is no wonder we are dreading the next virtual session and experiencing “Zoom-fatigue”. 

With working remotely or WFH around the globe a mainstay for the foreseeable future, leaders are now tasked with learning or enhancing ever evolving skills in facilitating effective virtual meetings. Online meetings are critical for business outcomes from driving projects, solving problems and sharing critical information to team building, developing trust, maintaining relationships and training new skills. 


Yes, there are new challenges but let us not ignore the advantages of working virtually; no commuting time, convenience, reduced expenses (travel, physical space), recording of sessions, availability of attendees and accessibility to international team members. 

Whether you are new to facilitating online or already comfortable leading meetings in person/virtually, our comprehensive training will provide you with a FRONT TO END PROCESS and tools to support you in mastering your virtual facilitation skills with your team or any group situation.

Virtual Facilitation Foundation Skills


8 January 2021

9am-3pm Hong Kong time (GMT+8) Convert to your time zone

US$300 / person

Highly interactive online experience with energizers and breaks! 


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  1. Mindset shift from in-person to online meetings; turn challenges into benefits 

  2. Presenting yourself professionally virtually: workspace, technical tools, visual/audio 

  3. Your role as a leader, meeting facilitator, meeting host and participant 

  4. Defining and communicating your meeting purpose, objectives and agenda 

  5. Important online meeting etiquette

  6. Building your confidence using video conferencing tools 

  7. Presenting information in a compelling manner 

  8. Ensuring full attendance and managing attendees from differing remote locations 

  9. 11 tips for keeping participants engaged during your meeting 

  10. Facilitating purposeful and productive discussions

  11. Practicing virtual meeting tools for engagement (screenshare, chat, polling, breakout rooms)

  12. Managing your meeting flow effectively and achieving your objectives in a timely manner

  13. Closing your meeting efficiently and professionally 

  14. Documenting your meeting for follow up actions

PLUS Your Resources Toolkit:

  • Virtual meeting checklist for preparation

  • Templates for guidelines and ground rules 

  • 13 Icebreakers and energizers

  • Comparison of different virtual meeting platforms

Virtual Facilitation Advanced Skills

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9am-3pm Hong Kong time (GMT+8) Convert to your time zone

US$300 / person

Highly interactive online experience with energizers and breaks!

  1. Check lists for setting objectives, meeting outcomes and pre-meeting preparation

  2. Setting the right tone when starting a meeting

  3. 11 ways to keep team members focused and attentive

  4. Managing your meeting flow while presenting; observing attendees, handling technical tools and keeping discussions active

  5. Ensuring every attendee participates and avoiding observers from multi-tasking 

  6. Creating inclusion with diverse groups, remote teams and participants from different cultures

  7. Steering the meeting back on track if discussions diverge or go over time

  8. 19 types of distractions, disruptive behaviors and challenges and how to handle them 

  9. Collaborating, problem solving and gaining consensus with teams/participants

  10. Presenting information using file and screen sharing, whiteboard, video 

  11. Facilitating brainstorming, idea generation and decision-making using virtual tools

  12. Overcoming challenges of covering all agenda items, divergent topics and unresolved issues

  13. Getting buy-in and agreement from your attendees and setting course for next steps

  14. Record keeping of meeting notes, key decisions and committed action steps

  15. 7 engaging and memorable ways to wrap up your meeting

PLUS Your Resources Toolkit:

  • 13 Icebreakers and energizers

  • Virtual meeting checklist for preparation

  • Templates for guidelines and ground rules 

  • Templates for post meeting follow up 

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