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Master the Art of Facilitating Productive and Engaging Virtual Meetings

Today in 2021, meetings, conferences, trainings and other workplace communication are mostly conducted virtually, adding many new layers of challenge and frustration to facilitating a session that is timely, productive, and engaging. When team members are expected to participate in back-to-back online meetings, planning/brainstorming sessions, status updates, e-training and discussion groups, it is no wonder we are dreading the next virtual session and experiencing “Zoom-fatigue”. 

With working remotely or WFH around the globe a mainstay for the foreseeable future, leaders are now tasked with learning or enhancing ever evolving skills in facilitating effective virtual meetings. Online meetings are critical for business outcomes from driving projects, solving problems and sharing critical information to team building, developing trust, maintaining relationships and training new skills.  

Watch this video to learn what participants have gained from our workshop (Link to YouTube)

Whether you are new to facilitating online or already comfortable leading meetings in person/virtually, this one-day interactive live workshop will provide you with a FRONT TO END PROCESS and tools to support you in mastering your virtual facilitation skills with your team or any group situation.

Virtual Presentation and Facilitation Skills Workshop

Check out our previous sessions for public! Contact us to book a session for your team.

Upon confirmation of registration, we will schedule an intake session with you to understand your specific needs so that we may provide you with personal coaching during the workshop.


As this online experience is highly interactive with energisers and breaks, practice sessions and customised coaching, the numbers are limited.


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This one-day workshop covers

  1. Role as a virtual facilitator - Our online world today, mindset, how to present yourself and what to prepare for meetings.

  2. Virtual session purpose and outcomes - Objectives, agenda, ground rules, communication and meeting etiquette.

  3. Mastering online facilitation - Technology, engagement and interactive tools.

  4. Practice sessions - Individual and ground coaching and feedback.

What you will learn

  1. Design and prepare your meeting agenda and outcomes for maximum effect

  2. Present yourself professionally on video

  3. Host meetings effectively and collaboratively with a diverse group of participants

  4. Anticipate and manage technical issues with ease

  5. Follow your agenda and run your meetings smoothly

  6. Build rapport, connection and team collaboration

  7. Read the body language and nonverbal cues of your audience

  8. Keep your attendees engaged, focused and motivated during your meeting

  9. Practice collaboration tools such as breakout rooms, polling, whiteboard, chat and other useful functions

  10. Follow up with your meeting participants in a professional manner

You will receive all workshop materials PLUS 

A Resources Toolkit covering:

  • Virtual meeting checklist for preparation

  • Templates for guidelines and ground rules 

  • 13 Icebreakers and energizers

  • Comparison of different virtual meeting platforms

“This is the most engaging online virtual event I've attended! It provided me with different ideas in how to create more engagement in my future online event and also the practice at the end was super helpful!”

“It broadened my insights to understand more about the audience/ participants needs or feelings in online learning.” 

"The workshop provides very practical tips on how to manage my professional presence online and communicate effectively with audience virtually. Very practical tips and good quality materials were provided during and after the activity.”

"Provides a safe environment to learn. The facilitator is engaging and it is definitely a good investment of time."

“A very comprehensive A-Z foundational program for gaining confidence and proficiency in facilitating online meetings and workshops.”

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