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Write Your Own Success Story 



What to expect in this program?

You will discover your true potentials, strengths, your preference on personal relationships and work environment. You will be guided on how to create more results in your personal and professional life by understanding what success means to you, setting your goals and planning how to get there


What is the set up and approach of this program?

Our set up is a combination of one-on-one session(s) and a group workshop. In the one-on-one session, you will gain clarity on what you really want now and in the future, you will gain the skill to read your Brain Map to know about your true self, and you will gain the insight and power to transform your life. As a participant of this program, you will also join our learning community group to share and receive fun and inspiring update. You will also be invited to join a Storytelling Workshop to complete your journey. Our approach of using story writing (drawing) and telling is to create a concrete narrative that you can visualise the success and become part of your journey. 

Who will benefit from this program?


  • Anyone who wants to understand his/her own true potential, strengths and development areas

  • Leaders who are responsible for developing their teams

  • Professionals who want to sharpen their skills and increase their confidence in managing people

  • Anyone who is in a transition period of their personal or career life


Want to know more and Register?

Check out the feedback from our Program Participants.  To register the program, please fill in the form below to register online, or simply send an email to us.

Join Our Program - Write Your Own Success Story

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Write Your Own Success Story - Storytelling Workshop


What to expect in this workshop?

As part of the program, you will be invited to join a Day 2 workshop with other participants after you have completed your one-on-one session. You now have discovered your true potentials, strengths, your preference on personal relationships and work environment from the assessment, your reflection and the discussion throughout the coaching sessions. This workshop creates an opportunity for us to join together with a same purpose - to share your story, listen to other's story, and to share your experience of success and challenges. 

We will guide you to build your story and characters, it's all about metaphors. You will define your own meaning of success, how you describe yourself, how to use your past experience to prepare for your future. 


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