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"The game we played in the class is so fun and I've never experienced this learning process before. I enjoy so much." -- Adjunto Tecnico, EPM

"It reminds me when I was a kid. I haven't drawn for so long and by doing this kind of drawing help me release my emotions without actually saying it out. It feels so good." -- Manager, Slot Machine, SJM

"I am going to keep this training material forever, so useful and practical. I love it!" -- Pit Manager, Wynn Macau

"We really need this kind of training to help us understand and realize our value and position in our personal and professional life." -- Adjunto Tecnico, GPTUI

〝我覺得形式和氣氛都非常輕鬆,不像是學習而像是去玩。講師在像學員講解課程內容的方式像是與大家聊天一樣。過程中的小遊戲非常有趣,不但能夠讓學員在親身的參與中體會到課程中的精神,而且在遊戲中也教會了學員如何去應對面臨的各種處境。雖然時間看起來很長,但是卻過得很快。講師所提供的資料非常專業但通俗易懂,有趣的插圖和一些引用的例子能夠提高讀者的興趣。〞-- Student, MUST

"I have attended 2 of your workshops. The one I love the most should be Stress Management with laughter yoga. Few years ago, I was told by my friend that I have to smile in normal days, but have to laugh loudly when I am upset. At that time I had no idea for that, I just felt a little bit strange about that. After I attended your workshop and practiced "Laughter Yoga", I got what that means and benefit for my own. Doing is much more better than only thinking about it. Thank you very much for your teaching and let me know I have to be positive thinking and always smile." -- Lecturer, CCC

"I've attended so many training workshops and courses before, and I understand very well how a training program runs and what usually the trainer would say, what kind of games to play. I don't have much feelings already. But this time, I'm really touched. I really appreciate you provide us with this opportunity to share, and I know what people see me, and what people appreciate me. Thanks." -- Oficial & Tec. Aux, IACM

〝我不仅代表自己,也代表全组,全班同学向您表示感谢。因为我做过了许多的报告,但是从来没有一个老师能象您一样认真的批改我们的报告。不少老师只用了1分钟不到的时间就为我们花了几十个小时做出来的报告打上了分数。这让许多同学都很生气,也很沮丧。更有老师只是看了目录而不看内容就给报告打分的。而您则在认真阅读后还给了很多的批示,让我们能真的在报告的制作和结果中学习、提升。再次对您表示感谢。很高兴您是我的老师。谢谢〞-- Student, MUST

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