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Charting New Horizons: A Workshop on Evolutionary Mindsets

This is my first face-to-face workshop since the year 2020! I want to thank Lord Stow for inviting me to participate in the beginning of their 2023 journey.

The workshop was originally designed by Cecilia Yeung and was fully tested during the Covid pandemic. It allowed participants to review their past year and prepare for new possibilities with a fresh mindset. We also recently delivered two hybrid sessions to HKUST. The idea behind the workshop is to focus on setting our INTENTION instead of specific goals for the coming year.

We all possess an amazing ability to be resilient and adapt to change. This capacity has been truly tested over the last few years. As another year of unpredictable change fades into the rear-view mirror, January presents an opportune time to sharpen our focus and prepare for new possibilities in 2023.

What is an Evolutionary Mindset?

Inspired by Carol Dweck’s “Growth Mindset” and Adam Grant’s “Think Again”, this workshop will guide participants through a reflection process for the achievements, challenges, and lessons learned in 2022, and a model to develop a divergent mindset in preparation for a new year ahead.

A growth mindset enables us to learn and adapt. However, in a post covid environment, a growth mindset may not be enough. We need to be more advance, agile, and alert. An evolutionary mindset is not only about being amenable to change, but it also expects change as a constant companion, and evolves quickly and adeptly. People with this elevated mindset will already be a few steps ahead and be able to respond to change with the 4 C’s: confidence, calm, certainty, and control.

Running this workshop is very meaningful as it brings back a lot of memories of the journeys we have been through. It reminds us of the lessons learned from both our successes and failures, guiding us to search for our beacon even in the current foggy weather.

Thank you again for this opportunity to collaborate with such an amazing group. You are always very engaged, fun, and creative to work with.


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