Management Workshop for Lord Stow's

Starting the day by using Tom Wujec Systems Thinking process - Draw Toast Exercise. It was a fun and inspiring exercise, guiding the whole group throughout the day to think, talk, listen, see, cluster, reform and cluster again. The take away of the day was about how collective intellengence could move us forward - solving complex problems, renewing structure, defining purposes, yet what we just needed was a very simple process as 'how to make toast'! To show how simple it was, I especially asked my 7-year old daughter to draw the process of making a toast, and guess what, the nodes, the links, the model were the same!

Thank you Eileen Stow for the opportunity to work with the team again. Thanks to Kathy K for all the arrangement and to my talented partner Derek Lam. Thank you for partnering with me and making the workshop successful. It was a wonderful day. Well done Team!

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