Managing Time Workshop with Inkmason

This is our 4th workshop with this amazing group of young people at Inkmason in Beijing since last December. I really appreciate Kin, Director of Inkmason, for the determination of investment in his own team. I can actually see the development and growth of the team and that is the best feedback to our work.

This workshop is not really about managing TIME, but about managing LIFE, because time is what we have in our lives and we need to manage it well.

An introduction of Stephen Covey's Time Management model, and an in-dept reflection and discussion of what we actually do everyday, opens up a lot of possibilities of how we can do more efficiently in a team. Then the group practice delegation skills and receive feedback from all the team members. This is a highly practical workshop, still we have so much fun in the day. We all learn from each other. Well done TEAM once again! Know more about this workshop from Inkmason's experience.

Thank you Inkmason for another successful workshop, and my co-facilitator Cara Steenstra for the wonderful partnership.

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