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My Success Story - Deane

My first time hearing about PRISM was back in 2012 when I was working on a management skills program design and a training consultant introduced this tool to us. I was fascinated about this tool. I wanted to know more about it but work kept me away from learning more. Then I did my PRISM Brain Map in October 2014 when I did my PRISM partitioner program in Hong Kong. I was very excited and curious about how this tool could help me and the others making our life changed. It took me 2 years to do something that I really want to do, it shouldn't have to. I did not stop and breath, and now I always remind myself and the others - pause and look what I really want, it is a big gift in my life, and this "pause" is never a waste of time. In my program "Write your own success story" we explored what success means to us. Everyone has our own answer. In October 2015, I started my success story. It was not a million-dollar project, but proofing to me that nothing can stop me moving forward to look for what I want. This time, I didn't wait for another two years, I took action, I got inspired, I talked with people, I did my own research, I experiemented, I failed, and I tried again. Now I have my own brand of Room Spray collection called My Sweet Home.

A dear friend asked me "Why you want to do that?" Because I want to, and I couldn't find it in the market, so I make it myself. As a facilitator, a trainer and a coach, creating a comfortable and relax environment is so important to make my connection with people success. I mentioned it in my blog Tips and Tools before, I always use room spray to freshen the training or meeting room. I end up buying those expensive room sprays in different brand name stores, I think... why not make one for myself!

That's my story.


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