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I just started my journey - Sonia - When you feel stuck, look inside...

Thank you Sonia, a lovely, very intelligent and inspiring speech therapist, for the opportunity to work with you. You made my days during my hotel quarantine. Here is Sonia's sharing about discovering her inner abilities.

When you feel stuck, look inside…

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One thing I wish I told my 22-year-old self 9 years ago - “Get your PRISM done”.

When COVID first started in 2020, I told myself “this all shall pass”. Little did I know we are still “stuck” three years later. To my surprise, this feeling of “being stuck” does not only remain in my personal domain, it is more than the travel itch, it successfully manifested to my professional side. Thinking back, I would come home everyday having fatigue and feeling heavy-hearted. Every day felt like a drag. I needed a change and that was when I reached out to Deane.

The introspection started not only when I received the report but as I was completing the test. PRISM allowed me to look at my strengths and weaknesses in an objective way. It helped explain my work behaviours and my values. Through my conversation with Deane following the PRISM test, I was able to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and understand how they impact on each other. Instead of telling me the type of person I am, PRISM has a unique way of presenting the data on a spectrum that allows participants to reflect on opportunities for growth and flexibility. Change takes time and conscious efforts. But my experience with the PRISM and Deane’s consultation expedited the process for sure. I would recommend the PRISM test to anyone who ever felt stuck in their career.

-- Sonia


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