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Discover Your Potential

We have been collaborating with Inkmason for years and this time they are ready to do something different and very inspiring - a team Brain Map.

We use PRISM - a neuroscience based assessment tool - to map out the team's highest, lowest and average behaviour preferences. By knowing each other's collaboration styles and communication preferences, we can work so much easier and more efficient in such a dynamic team setting.

The team had a lot and a lot of discussion, and a lot of "A-Ha..." moments, which also telling us that the team needed it - an opportunity to stop, look into a mirror and share what we see. Now they understand WHY this team member always response in certain way, HOW I should approach in a certain situation, and WHAT action I should take to get there. A follow up mini coaching session was arranged to individual participants a few days later to talk about their full reports, expectations and actions.

A map - a place where you can see where you are right now, where you can go, how to get there, what would be the fun part, what could be the potential challenges - an opportunity to develop and grow. Thank you Inkmason for the learning experience again and an opportunity to work together with my amazing partner Cara Steenstra! We look forward to our next one.

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