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Tips - Learn from a trick-or-treat walk

We had huge success on trick-or-treat walks in the past two years. As Halloween is coming next week, it's better to get everything prepared now! After all, it's all about organisation and communication skills - how you prepare your neighbours and the kids for the walk! We used all the free printing templates from Greetings Island.

Before the walk, invite your friends to join the Halloween party and trick-or-treat walk. Don't forget to include information such as date, time, activities, and also the food menu for food/drink allergy and healthy purposes as most of the guests are kids!



Plan the trick-or-treat walk route in advance, and share with your guests in the invitation card. Let them know that you are well planned with parents/teachers walking together. Also people can join even if they come late, or join the walk somewhere in the route.


On the weekend before the trick-or-treat walk, put a letter in the mailbox of each of your neighbours (we did around 50 last year) to let them know that you are coming. On the other side of the letter, print a "Trick or Treat Welcome" note, so that the neighbours can stick the notes on their front doors or mailboxes to welcome trick or treat, otherwise we won't knock their doors with respect.


A trick-or-treat walk may look like a very simple activity yet there are times that your neighbours are not prepared - not home or no candy - for this activity. So the communication before the walk is very important to make this activity success. Same practice applies to any other group related activities, such as meetings, training workshops, coaching or briefing sessions. Eventually, the purpose is to help the participants prepared so that they can enjoy the whole process and the outcome.

Hope you enjoy the communication process of the Halloween trick-or-treat walk this year!


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