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Monthly reflection

September is always a very busy month in a year, at least in my life. I have plans for festivals, holidays, travel, birthdays — all happening in this month. I also like to set a goal for myself to complete in September, so that I can celebrate my achievement in this month. Then after September, all the excitement is gone, goals are all done, celebrations done... then what? What now?

Here is my pick for October — Calling. Let's think deeper.

  • What does "calling" mean to me?

  • Am I born with my destiny, or do I reveal it on my journey?

  • What do I believe to be the role I am destined to play?

  • If I don't (or do) like what I am doing, what am I going to do next?

  • Why is it important to discover one's calling? Or not?

Happy October!


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