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Monthly reflection

A few weeks ago I decided to throw myself a "Hello Kitty" themed birthday party in this year. Something that I could never thought of doing for myself and 2020 is a very special year for everyone, so I thought... why not? A colourful and happy moment that we all look forward to! THEN... because of the pandemic, city lockdown and curfew for the next 6 weeks, I probably won't be able to invite any guests to my exciting birthday party, so just a few days ago, I decided to create a new social media channel to document the process of the party setup and other delivery unpacking. We came up with a name called A LIFE TO UNPACK #alifetounpack

A Life To Unpack shares a lot of unpacking processes - a package, a mail delivery, even a cooking process or a party setup! There is always a bigger and deeper emotional meaning of unpacking - unknown, reveal, understanding and decision.

The meaning of “unpack” is to open and remove the contents of (a suitcase, box, etc.) : to make (something) easier to understand by breaking it up into smaller parts that can be examined separately.

My meaning of “unpack” is not just to open a box, but to appreciate little things in life, to celebrate cultures and traditions, to open and remove the contents of life (meaning, surprise, love, happiness...) and to appreciate the content and fully enjoy the moment.

P.S. This unpack name was created by my 10-year-old son Javen during a conversation about creating a video channel a few days ago. A 10-year-old, what does he understand about life?

Happy August!

  • What do you understand about life?

  • What do you want to put into your box (contents of life)?

  • What kind of package you want to unpack most?

  • What would you name your own social media channel?

  • What do you want to share with others?

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