Owning Challenges as Our Responsibilities Workshop with Inkmason

"Owning Challenges as Our Responsibilities" is always challenging in any organization. This is a big topic. In fact, this topic is the second priority that the team picked after "Communication" during the Let's Strive Team Building Workshop last year. Also check out Inkmason's post about this workshop!

The objective of this workshop is to let the team share their true concerns and feelings about challenges and difficult situations at workplace, and find a way to own and solve the problems together. The whole workshop model is about using Teamwork as the foundation, with Trust on top of it, owning challenges is no longer a burden on our shoulders. We used different approaches in the workshop to go deeper to the team members' core values, gave them a tool for peer coaching and inspired them to create a project management workflow.

"What do we have?" is a simple but big question. We challenged the team to figure out a way to communicate and achieve an ultimate goal as one team. Of course, they did a great job.

Created a project management workflow process together by starting a simple process "How to make a toast". This process allowed the team to listen to each other's point of view and challenges when managing a project. Even a small action in a side could be a big struggle in other side. Let the team listen and understand each other.

"What if I'm stuck?" We designed a set of tool for this team! This tool set is a 5-step-by-step peer coaching tool designed based on the Trust Model from Berne. Each step has a list of simple questions and a closure sentence for an engaged 1 to 2 minutes conversation. Walking through the whole process could only take around 10 minutes in order to "unstuck" us.

Thanks to my wonderful partner Cara Steenstra! Again, together we did a productive and fun workshop for this team and definitely learned a lot from this process.

Thank you for the wonderful learning experience inkmason. See you all in September!

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