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Job Description Writing Workshop

As part of an employment process, creating a proper Job Description (JD) for each role is so important yet we always missed out in the process. People always said they have never seen their JD when they accept their jobs, or people even don't care to know if they have a JD until they have problems with their job promotion, job transfer or conflicts in their roles. In fact, a JD links together the job requirement, the company's expectation, your expectation, performance, development, career path and more.

In this 3-hour workshop, we explore the following areas and build our skills on writing an effective JD:

  • Main purposes of a Job Description - Why we need a JD?

  • Types of competencies in a Job Description - What we need to know about the role?

  • Skill building - How to write an effective JD?

  • Positions details

  • Duties and Responsibilities

  • Qualifications

  • Working Conditions

  • Physical Requirements

  • Dos and Don'ts - When to do and who to work with?

Practice, practice and practice!!!



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