Tips - How to ask to build trust?

Last year, I designed a Team Development Program for Inkmason, Beijing "From Strive to Stride", and one of the topics was about How to talk with your team member. It sounds like a very basic day to day communication skill, but a lot of managers and leaders find it difficult to start a conversation when he/she needs to coach a team member in a project or a task : How do you build up a trusting, human relationship, in a business-to-business context? What kind of questions should I ask? What to say first?

Then we created a list of questions based on "Levels of communication" by Eric Berne. It is actually a six levels (five levels in our version) communication framework for building TRUST.

Level One - Getting acquainted

- How are you today?

- Everything OK?

- Do you have any question to me?

- Can I help you?

>> Let's talk about it.