From Strive to Stride workshop with Inkmason

From Strive to Stride workshop was designed for Inkmason team to reflect on their development process in 2015 and plan for the future. This one was the last workshop (also the first one in 2016) in the whole program since we started the program at the end of 2014.

We are very proud of the team for always doing their very best throughout the whole journey with us, and we see them grow a lot through:

Let's Strive!

Effective Communication

Owning Challenges as Our Own Responsibilities

Managing Time

In this workshop, the team identified their development stage as a team by using Tuckman's team development process. Next, they recaped the learned skills in 2015, using teach-back activity and shared their success stories. Then we used a PRISM Collaboration Map to learn how to work and collaborate better within the team and with other people. In order to STRIDE, the team set monthly personal goals for 2016 to achieve their organization goal step-by-step. Finally, each team member wrote a letter to myself that they would receive in 2017. All the letters were stored in a safety box, waiting for our next workshop in 2017!

Thank you again for the year long opportunity to work with such a talent group of professionals. We learned a lot from you.

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