Management Development Program - Workshop 1

Building a team is like building a bridge:

You know where you are - right now

You know where to go - a goal

You want to connect them together

And don't forget it is a:

Long term investment

Long time process

Based on this concept, we designed a 3-day Management Development Program for a team of Property Management from Hong Kong and Macau, focused on Leadership Development, Effective Communication and Staff Management.

The first workshop was about Leadership Development. The team arrived with completing a pre-course work - their own "Skill Sets Wheel". Knowing about yourself is the first step of learning, and knowing about your team is the first step of learning and building your team! On this day, the team explored the characters and traits in leadership, the difference between a leader and a manager, self-assessment on leadership traits, approach to give direction, and how to lead the team towards multi-directional teamwork and synergy.

Thanks Team for the great work on this weekend workshop! We will see you all next week and continue our journey of learning and sharing.