Write Your Own Success Story Workshop - Day 1

It was a big day - a life changing day for all of us. It was so fun to have these participants in our workshop today. This was a 3-hour workshop and on day 1 of this program, we focused on reflecting our life in a big picture perspective:

  • Self-reflection on Before/Now/Future

  • Sharing of Life-time goal (Future)

  • Mapping our Wheel of Life (Now)

  • Brainstorm important life areas

  • Assess the current life map to find the balance

  • Plot the “ideal” picture

  • Find the gap and re-prioritise

  • Plan action to regain balance (on next 24hrs, next week, next month)

  • Check alignment to your Life-time goal

  • Share to commit your action

Next workshop will be 2 weeks later, to update of the action plan and use our past experience to create a story to guide us to achieve our goal. Stay tuned!

Huge thanks to Our HR Company allowing us to use their beautiful facility for this workshop.

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