Skill-building workshops for Supervisors

Congratulations to these two groups of Supervisors completing the Growth and Learning Team Series. We have been working with this organization for years to build their own culture and to develop the team's skillset. We are always proud to be part of their learning journey.

This program is the basic foundation of building a team, which including how to communicate effectively, how to coach your team members to perform, how to delegate responsibilities and how to mediate internal conflicts. There are a lot to learn and practice. The program design not just focus on what to do, but focus more on the HOW as well - so that to foster behaviour change. We introduce a step-by-step model (what tool to use) and practice (how to action) in class, plus post-workshop action plan to foster a behaviour change at workplace.

Thank you for the great effort of these two groups, thank you Victor for your wonderful collaboration. Thanks Eileen for the learning opportunity again.

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