Leadership and Managerial Series

A new program we designed for the management team to deepen their understanding of leadership and to practice the learned models at workplace. This is an intensive program requires a lot of self-reflection, reviewing of team relationships, and open discussion about current situations in the organisation and work process. Combining the existing Growth and Learning Team Series, we add on a few new elements in their leadership development journey:

  • PRISM Leadership Development Map to identify their own leadership style, their team members follow-ship styles, what they need and how to adjust in order to communicate with each different style effectively and assertively

  • What-and-How approach to identify behaviours to prevent and positively handle conflict situations

  • Time Management model from Steven Covey to identify their own major time wasters and use tools to prioritise and organise tasks

  • Divergent Thinking model to challenge their thinking process for creativity and flexibility

  • My favourite part of the program is to design a model that combined both problem solving and decision making together, managing opportunity or problem in one step-by-step process

Great effort team! Thanks to Victor for facilitating this workshop and inspiring the team.