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Tips - How to "detox" before I start my new job?

Recently, I had a session with a coachee who is preparing for a new job. I asked him what he needed to mentally prepare for this transition, and we both came up with this present-past-future 'detox' strategy, which I loved so much.

No matter why you choose a different path from your previous job—whether it's about money, title, stress, people, or values—please do not forget the reason why you chose a particular job or role as your career in the first place. Don't let that passion slip away. Don't waste your time on 'what ifs'. Don't gossip. No matter how stressful it was, detox from it! Because it is now my time to be myself again.


1. Focus on my PRESENT

Exercise: Head to the gym, do some yoga, and try boxing. Physically release stress, eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, and enjoy activities I like. Maintaining a healthy and happy body for my new job is my priority, and I'm avoiding dwelling on past relationships.

2. Make good use of my PAST

Reflection: Set aside time for self-reflection, reviewing my past years of work experience, and acknowledging my accomplishments. Ask myself: What improvements can I make? How can I become a better version of myself? Embrace even small changes, like ensuring I finish breakfast before heading to work, as these can have a significant impact - minimal is impactful!

3. Build my new FUTURE

Goal setting: Dedicate quality time to ponder my objectives in the new job. What do I aim to accomplish, and why is it significant to me? Jot down key words in a notebook and place them in visible spots like my wallet, makeup bag, or mobile phone wallpaper. This serves as a constant reminder of my commitment to forging a new "WHY" in the next chapter of my career.

Enjoy your detox journey!


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