Learn from moving, building and telling

I ran a coaching session early this week with a client who wanted to build more focus on leading his multi-cultural team for performance improvement. I think it was a perfect opportunity to give his thinking process a little bit fun and challenge.

This time, instead of using coaching cards, drawing or mapping, we did storytelling with LEGO model. The session ran really fast and powerful. After building two models - A Tower to represent himself and A Strength he brought to his team - Alex, my client, shared that it was quite impressive about the process of:

  1. moving around the resources - connecting outside (bricks) with inside (inspiration)

  2. building a model as a metaphor of an idea - from inside (idea) to outside (model)

  3. telling a story about the model - from outside (model) to inside (idea)

Well done Alex! Thank you for the opportunity to learn from such an inspiring leader. Check out more workshop ideas here.

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