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Monthly reflection

So, it has been a year since I started the first Monthly Reflection. Thank you for being part of our monthly reflection; you always inspire me to continue this journey.

We recently went on a ski trip. The most important thing I learned from this trip wasn't about the beauty of nature or the skill of skiing, but rather the Number 1 Rule in life-saving from my ski coach: 'If you don’t want to fall, you have to do something.' This rule perfectly applies to both skiing and life coaching. If we aren't happy with what we're doing, if we feel like we're falling, or if we realise there's another way we want to go, WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING about it!

Happy August!

  • What's the most enjoyable moment you have in a day? What will you do about it?

  • Conversely, think about a moment that you do not like it, what is that?

  • Why does it make you feel you don't like it? What will you do about it?

  • Why didn't do something before?

  • How would that make you feel later?


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