Monthly reflection #lamsquare28daychallenge

It was a busy month. We have just completed our Mind-Body Balance 28-day challenge yesterday and it was a wonderful experience! It made me reflect a lot on how to better serve my mental and physical health. Don't forget, to change a behaviour, it is not just about how long it takes (e.g. average 21 days to build a behaviour to a habit), there is the reason to make it sustainable. I hope this formula Trigger -> Behaviour -> Reward will help you understand more about how we build up habits, especially the bad ones (e.g. smoke or over eat/drink) and how to break the patten. That's the purpose of setting up this #lamsquare28daychallenge, to reflect on who we are now, what we really need, and give ourselves a chance to change.

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Happy March!

  • What changes have you noticed in the past month?

  • Listen to your mind and body, what are they telling you?

  • What/Who is missing in your life now? What are you going to do about it?