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From Me to Team workshop : A Guide to building trust by using daily conversation

A new year, a new start! We hosted the Evolutionary Mindset 2023 workshop last year, just as the pandemic was subsiding. This year, our focus shifts towards rebuilding our team for the new challenges of 2024. One core concept we aim to introduce to the team is the idea of leveraging our daily conversations to build trust and foster psychological safety in the workplace. But what exactly is psychological safety, and why do we need it?

Psychological Safety - If you change the nature and quality of the conversations in your team, your outcomes will improve exponentially. Psychological safety is the core component to unlock this. - by Amy C. Edmondson

Our aim is to guide ourselves and lead our organization into a 'Learning' mode, where we all learn and grow together to become stronger and better individuals. This journey is not easy, but it always begins with our very first step forward.

In this workshop, we challenged the team to explore the WHY of their work: finding purpose and meaning in their daily tasks. It's important to remember that money is not the purpose of work; it's the result. Let's not get confused! We then shared the importance of creating a psychologically safe environment within a high-performance team, using the case study of Google’s Project Aristotle. This study offered many practical tips and ideas that make it easy for us to apply in our work. A crucial takeaway from this workshop was a conversation guideline that we can use at different trust levels to strengthen collaboration at work.

Another fantastic day with these amazing people! Thank you for joining us on this learning journey.

Lamsquare From Me to Team workshop 2024
LamSquare From Me to Team workshop


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