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Mastering Virtual Meetings: Essential Skills for Building Confidence

YES! That's what we did in our Virtual Facilitation Foundation Skills Workshop on 31 October - a fun and engaging session with lots of practices and sharing to support you changing the game of hosting and participating virtual meetings. Thanks to our fantastic group of participants, you all made our learning experience inspiring and amazing!

For those of you who are working from home or are beginners in the virtual world and need more practices, live tests, or just some tips to boost your confidence in the next virtual meeting/event, I'd like to invite you to join our next workshop. We will schedule an intake session with you to determine your current skill level and to understand your specific needs so that we may provide you with personal coaching during the workshop. You will also receive a Resources Toolkit with checklists and templates that you will find it handy when preparing your next virtual meeting in a business or corporate environment.

“This is the most engaging online virtual event I've attended! It provided me with different ideas in how to create more engagement in my future online event and also the practice at the end was super helpful!”

“A very comprehensive A-Z foundational program for gaining confidence and proficiency in facilitating online meetings and workshops.”


25 November 2020 (Wednesday)

9am - 3pm Beijing/HongKong Time (GMT+8)

Zoom platform



Virtual Facilitation Foundation Skills Workshop 31 October 2020



Maintaining alert and complete attention during a video conference is challenging and this is further amplified if the content is dense, repetitive and delivered without virtual engagement tools. Time seems to s-l-o-w down when detailed information is shared by unskilled presenters. This is painful for an attendee to sit through and it is certainly not enjoyable for the person presenting knowing that the audience is multitasking, not paying attention or showing obvious boredom and apathy.

In this 90-min session, our facilitation and coaching expert Cecilia Yeung will share and demonstrate 8 ways to present your detailed data in a compelling manner to keep your audience members alert, engaged and informed. More details here.

Date: Saturday, November 14, 2020

Time: 9:30am to 11:00am Beijing/HongKong Time (GMT+8)

Zoom platform

Cost: FREE


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