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I just started my journey - Amber

It is a lovely sunny morning with Amber, a university student from Queensland, in my office talking about brains and behaviours. So what brings her here today investing her morning in this brain map?

"The PRISM report gives me a great guideline for changing my life style to a better one. It is better and more relaxing now.

I used to focus on finishing all tasks on time, reviewed for several times to avoid making any mistakes. It is kind of stressful because I want the result to be perfect and so I prefer doing most of them by myself. That made me over concern about the result, I may have argument, I was stressful and over disappointed for not achieving my expected goal. Now I learn to think of new ideas, to be active in communicating with people, and which makes me feel more confident.

Thank you. That's such a great report that helps me to know more about myself."

-- Amber

It was my pleasure working with Amber, a young, talented and smart girl just started her new adventure in Australia. Thank you for joining me to learn and share together. Join our program.




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