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Invitation to TEAL Around The World Conference

I’ve been working closely with my OD collaborators/friends in these few months and since everything is online now, there are many exciting virtual workshops and conferences that we all are joining, hosting and supporting each other. I would like to share with you this TEAL Around the World Conference which is all about self-management that I think it is very inspiring to all us. 

The conference is hosted by my dear friend Natasha Naderi, Co-Founder of Emerge, and it’s a non-stop 24 hours conference, isn’t that exciting!!! It is both an event and a coming together of a global community that is working to reinvent our organisations to ones that fully empower every person, are highly profitable, and better humankind.

Here is what Natasha share about this exciting conference. If you want to create a very human, purposeful and self-organised organization, you will love this conference.

20+ of the world’s top organizational pioneers will be speaking and sharing inspiring story after story. For example:

  • Nand Kishore Chaudhary empowered 40,000 women from the ‘untouchable class’ in India to become self-managers of their own carpet weaving. This Chairman and Managing Director of Jaipur Rugs, is popularly known as the Ghandi of the textile industry. He is an author of globally acclaimed book, "The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid".

  • Ladon, Foad, and Crystal Zhang will share the story of a manufacturing facility in Dalian, China, working to propel both the spiritual and material growth of the facility – placing equal emphasis on values such as unity and justice, as they do on profit.

  • Bryan Ungard brings to us 20 years of experience in a Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO) where these studies have emerged in the US. Find out what you can learn from Bryan Ungard, Chief Purpose Officer at the Decurion on self-management.

  • Doug Kirkpatrick, former CFO of Morningstar, and currently a bestselling author, management consultant, TEDx and keynote speaker, will share how to nurture a culture of self-management while keeping a world-market leader status at this radically profitable US tomato processing giant.

  • Jos de Blok, Founder of Buurtzorg founded a completely self-organised nursing system in the Netherlands, which grew from a 3-man team to a network of 10,000 nurses and 850 teams in a span of 10 years.

  • Date: 8-10th July, 2020 (depending on where you are in the world)

  • Time: non-stop for 24 hours to reach every part of the world

  • Learn more/Register:

  • Special discount: 20% Off for the conference: TATWxEmerge


Check out the conference schedule here with different timezones.

TAW Virtual Conf Schedule- Asia
Download PDF • 197KB

TAW Virtual Conf Schedule- PDT
Download PDF • 196KB

If you can't catch all the speakers, no problem! They will provide the recordings of the speakers to all participants.


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