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Recap Our Journey: Advanced Leadership and Managerial Learning Series

Today marks the culmination of our advanced leadership and managerial learning series in 2023, as this group of managers completes its final workshop focused on enhancing team dynamics and fostering a culture of collaboration. Over the years, I've had the privilege of guiding diverse groups through this corporate leadership program, where every cohort has brought forth distinct perspectives and contexts. While the program's core content remains consistent, the diverse array of insights and experiences has proven to be incredibly valuable, driving significant growth within the organisation. It has been a deeply rewarding journey, and let's share some of the pivotal lessons we've gleaned together.

We began by using the PRISM Leadership Development tool to explore the diverse range of leadership styles within the team. Using their own real-life workplace case as a basis, participants engaged in a step-by-step exercise, gaining valuable insights into their leadership preferences and learning how to leverage them effectively.

A quick review of the tools we have learned before, sharing our experience, and the impact of applying the effective communication toolkit, delegating responsibility, and handling conflict situations.

An add-on new element for this group of participants: Exploring the 'Why' of Work. We delved into the concept of the Golden Circle to uncover the deeper purpose and meaning behind our daily work. By understanding our 'why,' we gained clarity and motivation to pursue our goals with passion and conviction.

Drawing on Google's Project Aristotle, we discussed the critical role of psychological safety in high-performance teams. Creating a culture of trust and openness fosters innovation, creativity, and shared success.

Finally, we explored the Trust Conversation Model, a framework for cultivating trust and enhancing working relationships. By crafting a straightforward daily dialogue for fostering mutual respect and understanding in the workplace, we established the groundwork for effective collaboration and teamwork.

Today's workshop was an empowering journey of self-discovery and growth. I am inspired by the dedication and enthusiasm of the participants and am confident that the insights and strategies we discussed will have an impact on the team dynamics.

Leadership workshop with Lord Stow by LamSquare consultant


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