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Monthly reflection

I love going to bookstores for inspiration and I always love the idea of "Blind date with a book". It feels like it is a safe place to have a blind date with someone that you can trust. Now we all stay home during our city lockdown due to the COVID-19 situation. Let's imagine in the next few months, everyday is like a new adventure to you because you need to figure out what to do on the day and you have no idea of what would happen tomorrow in this challenging situation - THAT is a real blind date.

Stay safe. Happy April!

  • If you have a blind date with a book, what topics would you choose? Why?

  • If you can choose to have a blind date with, WHAT (not who) would you choose? Why?

  • What does it tell you?

  • What are you looking for in this process/journey of blind date?

  • How is it going to help you grow when you finish this blind date?



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