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Project Mason Mission 1 - Be My Mirror | An experiential project to build meaningful partnership

We just launched an exciting project with Inkmason called “Project Mason 2021” on the 9th of September. Very different from previous people development projects, this is a new experiential project designed with a series of missions to be completed within 4 months by the Inkmason Team in Beijing and Shanghai who are grouped in 5 teams. Each mission has a prize for the "chosen one" selected by the whole Team and the finale will be revealed in December 2021. Today they come back to the Beijing Head Office and share their first completed mission! The whole Inkmason Team is so excited about this unknown journey.

Why do we do this?

First things first! What's this experiential project about? The purpose of this project is to build a real collaborative partnership with teammates through completing a series of meaningful missions together. Team Members will discover their teammates' similarities and differences during these non-work related missions. Learning how to inspire, support, understand and encourage each other. Going through this journey together, they will understand different perspectives, behaviours and reasons behind it. Learning to embrace different values is the key to success.

How do we do it?

Here comes the interesting part! We have 5 teams and they will:

  • from September to December 2021, complete a series (not disclosing how many) of missions together as a team

  • work closely with their teammates to complete each mission

  • missions can be announced weekly, monthly or a snap mission

  • write/draw stories, experiences, impressions, questions, feelings and reflections on their own given "Mason Diary"

  • share the process/journey of each mission on the online "Wall Of Fame".

What do we do?

Missions are designed with a purpose for everyone to experience differences, collaboration and self-driven in a team setting.

  • Mission sharing - Each team will share their completed mission and their reflections back to the whole group, including their sharing on the "Wall of fame" as well. The whole group will select one team as the favourite for each mission based on how they present the values, creativity and inspiration - it resonates with you.

  • Storytelling - At the end of the entire project, each Team Member will tell a story about her/his teammate to show her/his true understanding of this person (not just as a colleague) and how this person inspires and changes them.

Mission 1 - Be My Mirror
  • Mission - Draw a portrait for your partner

  • Details - Use your imagination, colours, lines, materials, etc. to express your understanding of your partner including characteristics, traits, impressions and feelings, etc. (To start with, this is an individual work).

Inkmason Mason Project 2021 - mission 1 - be my mirror

This is an eye-opening experience seeing all these 19 amazing portraits and listening to all the artists sharing their thoughts and process of drawing their partners, what an impressive gallery.

Inkmason Beijing, Project Mason 2021, mission 1 - be my mirror

Inkmason Beijing, Project Mason 2021, mission 1 - be my mirror

Inkmason Beijing, Project Mason 2021, mission 1 - be my mirror

Inkmason, Kin Lam at Beijing head office, hosting the Mason Project

Which one resonates with you the most? And the chosen one of this mission is...

靜文 and her beautiful portrait of Jerry.

Being the chosen one is happy, and choosing the prize is even happier! There are 3 envelopes with prizes inside for 靜文 to choose :) Without knowing what's inside each envelope, she picks the dinner voucher to celebrate her achievement with friends/family. Congratulations!

Follow us to check out Mission 2 of #projectmason on 30th September!


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