Team development series 2021 - Team Collaboration

Since 2014 we have been collaborating with Inkmason on their organisational and people development. We are very grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a talented architecture and design team with committed leadership, determined to invest in their team development. During these years, we are all going through different stages of team development process - new members join in, some members left, some return back, office moved, new clients, new market and new business strategies - what hasn't changed is the passion of design, the belief in their work and the value of their own people.

After going through all the challenges in year 2020, we reflected on what we need for the future, and so we decided to start all over again in this year - to learn about ourselves and our team members, and to rebuild relationships again. We designed a new learning series to Inkmason and the first module was about Team Collaboration. This time, we had our first virtual workshop with this group located in Beijing, Shanghai, Macau and Melbourne!

The focus of this workshop was to understand their current stage in the organization development journey, to understand the importance of communication, to find out their own strengths and challenges in a team communication environment, and to take a further step to synergize their works.

We know that running or participating a virtual workshop is very different from a face-to-face one, especially on keeping the participants engaged and interactive in an online environment. However it also provides opportunities for us to be creative. One of our favourite activities was to draw a picture about the team's status. This was an important part of the process because each team member shared their understanding of the team and the feeling of being part of it to grow together. Another favourite activity was called "Golden 10 seconds" (the group named it). The group had 10 seconds to input the strengths (as many as they know) about one team member in the chat box, then changed to the next team member after 10 seconds, and so on. We collected a list of strengths for the whole team and that was really fun! The team loved it.

Thank you to our energetic group of Inkmason and our amazing co-facilitator Karen, you all worked beautifully today. Our second module will be in June. The topic is about how to present confidently.