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Deakin University's Team Culture Workshop: Cultivating Unity, Fostering Growth

A great experience to co-facilitate a 2-hour Team Culture Workshop with a group of 50 for a Corporate Team at Deakin University. It was a fun and inspiring year-end wrap-up exercise in 2019. It was a very valuable moment to gather the entire Corporate Team to foster their team culture and explore new directions, with the key aim being to ensure practical outcomes. You could imagine there was a lot of hands-on activity and discussion during this process, which provided a platform for all the different teams to interact with each other about their current practices and new ideas. This exercise was an important initial step in moving forward as a team. It also set the right direction for the team to implement the ideas into workplace practices in the future. Well done, team!

Thank you Michael Fearne for this learning experience!

Looking ahead to your next team culture/building exercise, need some ideas?


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