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I just started my journey - Sherry

Congratulations Sherry - Administration Collaborator in the University of Macau - taking actions to achieving her goal. I can see her transformation throughout the process in these few months and I'm very impressed of how confident she really is. Thank you Sherry for being part of our program. I am very proud of you! Join the program.

"I am very grateful to have the chance to try PRISM and to take part in the “Write your own success story”. I gain far more than what I have expected throughout the whole process. Both the tool and the workshop enlighten and energize me of who I am and who I CAN be. And most importantly, they empower me by visualizing my directions and what I can do next to achieve my success. This is exceptionally helpful at times obstacles come and when I feel lost. I am also very thankful to have Deane as the facilitator. Her conscientiousness and earnest can be shown from the little things she did for me. This makes me feel warm and comfortable throughout the process of exploring myself. In addition, she is a great facilitator who can guide me to know a different ME. It is too difficult for me to use words to describe how fortunate I am to have met her. Thank you very much for your great effort and the experience you shared, Deane!" - Sherry Leong


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