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I just started my journey - Sophie

Very glad to have Sophie - a high-standard and stylish Brand Marketing Manager - joining this program, sharing her challenges, achievements and dreams with me. I enjoyed very much working with her in the session and I hope that could give her an insight on her personal and career goal. Thank you Sophie. Join the program!

"The PRISM practice is very unique and useful for me to get to know more about myself. Especially it identifies my strength and weakness so I can adjust to make it balance in my life. It reflects my current situation which is so accurate that helps me a lot. Thanks Deane for introducing and being a wonderful facilitator to walk through with me with a thorough explanation. I learn a lot, it is completely a very good experience. One important thing is that it unveil the in-depth part of one's own and I get to learn have to be "true" to myself." - Sophie Lei

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