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My success story - Ken

I always get inspired of small or big, new and old thing around me. Sometimes I will stare on one thing or another and just think how amazing people around me can build something beautiful.

In the passed years, I tried many things and did many things at the same time. I once worked as a Coffee Barista when I was 16, then moved to another job as a Bartender and a Server until I moved to China to finish my degree. After years of studying I got tired of doing the same thing everyday, till I got my first opportunity to manage a small restaurant business. It was a great fun since I love food and events, inquiries and business started to come in from private parties to weddings, then I got into wedding business. I was the kind of person that I got so much passion that I got confused - I did not know what to do or lost my path. But I always find myself so passionate about food, fashion and home design.

After I finished my university, I was very fortunate to work as an Admin in an architectural company, here I started to learn so many things from basic to building models and helping out with different projects.

From then I kept thinking about how I could put all my passion into one. After a few years of getting frustrated, Ms. Deane of LamSquare asked me to take PRISM and maybe I can find a way to separate frustrations to reality. After my PRISM session, it gave me so much idea and helped me find the right path for me. Then I realized that I have to do thing in action instead of planning and ended up with frustration, and so I did what I have to do and decided to put all my passions into one.

Now I am managing my own private café with a home décor shop - Jars. And now I can do both things I love at the same time and couldn’t be any happier.

This is my success story and I hope that everyone like me who have their dreams make it into reality.

That's my story.


Completed my PRISM in 2014. Other success stories sharing.

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