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Management Development Program - Workshop 3

Our final day of this 3-day Management Development Program. The focus of the day was "Staff Management". After Day 1 - Leadership Development and Day 2 - Effective Communication, we set up, at the beginning of the day, an opportunity for the managers to talk about their experience of applying the learned skills at workplace. There were both real challenges and success stories that we all learned in the group to be a better leader.

We also had a few serious discussion moments in the workshop about Motivation and Values - where the group agreed that these were essential elements for building TRUST in the team.

Again, like we mentioned in Day 1 - "building a team is like building a bridge" - it was a long term investment and a long time process. We all are clear about where to go, it is about how to get there now. As a process, we will get together in April this year to find out the status of everyone's important journey. We look forward to it! Thank you for inviting us to be part of this wonderful journey Team! Thanks again Cara Steenstra for the wonderful and fun partnership.

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