Management Development Program - Post Training Workshop

After the 3-day Management Development Program completed (Check out the workshop Day 1 - Leadership Development, Day 2 - Effective Communication and Day 3 - Staff Management), we had a half-day Post Training Workshop with the team. This workshop was designed to provide the team an opportunity to review and share their learned tools application at workplace within a 6-12 weeks of time. Whether their experience was success or not, sharing their stories will help the team to learn what works in the team and how to foster effective communication to enable themselves to strive to deliver business results for the organisation.

We made this workshop very simple and effective - 1) a Review Session to teach back learned skills and review their pre-training Skillset Wheel, 2) a Storytelling Session to share their challenges and success stories about their tools application at workplace, and 3) a Group Coaching Session to facilitate the team to set goals and expectations from their current to future state, and to prioritise their action plan.

Congratulations Team! Great effort and sharing throughout the whole program. A day filled with real workplace experience that we all learned from all these leaders. Thanks my partner Cara Steenstra for the wonderful job!