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Write Your Own Success Story Workshop - Day 2

In the last session, participants have reviewed the important life areas, their current life priorities and their ideal life balance from the Wheel of Life. They also set a goal/action item to be achieved in 2 weeks time.

This session we created an opportunity for them to update their progress, to share their stories, to listen to others' stories, and to share their experience of success and challenges. They created their own success story during the workshop, which will be their lighthouse guiding them through in the future and gaining their power to achieve their success. Today, we:

  • Share the progress on our planned action items

  • Realize our change (Before)

  • My past success experience

  • My past fail experience

  • What we learn from our past

  • Visualize our path and create your own story

  • Tell your own success story

  • Set a SMART goal to be achieved in the coming 6-12 weeks

Congratulations to our participants! It's been a very inspiring experience for me to listen to your stories. We all failed before, what's important is how to get back to our track and determine to walk step by step to achieve where I want to go. Thank you for sharing. Thanks also to Our HR Company for the workshop facility.




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