Balance in leadership style workshop

There are many many different kinds of leadership styles based on a lot of research with many people for many years in different countries and cultures. Leadership style(s) always focus on the people you are actually leading, so is there a shared model/principle that we can apply in different situation? We have a very interesting workshop today. The group is a combination of three different background areas - police workforce, education and record management. They choose the topic "As a leader, how to balance incentives with discipline in a team environment?"

The group did take some time to figure out how to answer the question because their backgrounds were very different and how they could work together toward a shared common model/principle. The only common thing was that they all needed to deal with a lot of people everyday and I kept reminding the group of this common value.

The group did a lot of storytelling, discussion and building models. Finally they came up with a very fantastic and realistic list of principles, they called it "Our principles of a balanced leadership" which we believed it would work in many different team settings.

I am very proud of this group. It is not an easy topic for this group but they make it very productive that they all have an inspiring insight to bring back their work environment tomorrow. Here are a few points to highlight "Our principles of a balanced leadership":

  • Look for the "why"

  • Address the issue first instead of behaviour

  • Keep the focus on incentives

  • Always follow through the team's discipline guideline

  • Offer coaching, continue feedback, and incentive plan to correct the behaviour

  • Mo