Build Your Own Brand - Identify your brand first

This is our new program BUILD YOUR OWN BRAND designed for individuals to prepare their new journeys in 2019!

How did it start? Well one day, my client came to me and said "I need a session with you and I'm not sure what I want". That's it, and we started from there! We decided to begin with a topic "I want to sell myself!".

This program is not about how to market yourself on social media, but what you need to prepare before you market yourself. It is not about packaging yourself as a brand, but be your own brand. Once you know who you really are, what you are good at, how you actually make it, and why you love doing it, you will be very confident in being yourself and be able to find a pitch to "sell" yourself.


If you want to sell yourself, it's all about how special you are and what's your story about (in other words - why people want to hire you?). And that's what we did. I gave her a set of LEGO to start building:

  1. A tower about yourself

  • ​Basically a foundation of your own story.

  • In this case, my client is movable, look after people, stable and strong, a big flower lover representing she is very positive, like to see the beauty of others, and she is very good at collaboration and coordination.