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Write your own success story workshop - Day 1

We just started another success stories today! On day 1 of the program, we focused on question number 1 of the followings:

  1. Where am I?

  2. Where do I want to be?

  3. How do I get there?

Have you asked these questions to yourself lately? ever? at all? Self reflection on your life journey is important yet we always ignore it because we are busy, busy, busy... Or we intend not to think about it because we will eventually give up when reaching to question #3 - it is just too hard to get there.

Life journey is full of surprise, success and failure, setting up a little goal to achieve will help us feel the success, knowing that life is filled with different little achievements, and eventually guiding us to a bigger lifelong goal.

On this day, we reflected on our Before and Now life status, mapped out our wheel of life, and set a two-week goal for us to achieve. We will review our action plan in our next workshop two weeks later. Check out our program here and our previous success story workshops here!





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