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Strategy building workshop

A strategy building workshop I did this morning with this brilliant executive team. Talking about strategy, it could be a huge topic, but what is strategy? It could be a plan of actions to achieve your goal(s), or it could be as simple as my 9-year old son said "it's just a way to win!", and I totally stick to that definition.

What we expect from a strategy building workshop varies from different organisations with different purposes, but it should provide an opportunity for the team to have important conversations about:

  • Who we are (Brand)?

  • Where are we going (Vision)?

  • Why do we exist (Mission/Purpose)?

  • What is our focus(es) to achieve our vision (Strategic Priorities)?

My favourite question is always about the Why because without knowing the Why, how can we drive and move forward? One easy way to explain the importance of why is to show the team the Golden Circle from Simon Sinek. When I said why, it is not just about the purpose of the organisation or the business, but why the team members are here today, spending their valuable time and energy in this session talking about their business strategy. They all have their own individual reason and purpose to be part of the idea, and that's what we all want to find out. All these questions were answered by using LEGO® Serious Play® approach, giving a chance to the team to revisit and share their passions in a deeper level.

Except this building activity, the team did a fantastic job on a SWOT analysis to find out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. At an initial stage of a business development process, they have done a really good job on strategic priorities and action items. Well done Team!

Thinking about your next meet up for a serious topic? Here are some fun ideas for team building and people development.






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