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Monthly reflection

A little humble milestone. Over the years, I’ve been very fortunate to collaborate with many talented people designing programs for personal and organisational development in Asian countries, USA and Australia. I started collecting these little projects, tips and stories and posting them on our Lamsquare blog on 29 October 2014, and we just reached our 100th post in early October! Ok, it is not about the number, it is more about WE being part of our journey together to learn, inspire and believe. It is about how much we have achieved together.

Even further I created a Learning Community Group on Facebook on 15 April 2010 (join our community), sharing stories for personal growth and running #lamsquare28daychallenge to encourage people to take good care of our mind, body and soul. When I look back, all these dates and numbers marked in my path have a lot of meanings and one of them is how important YOU have inspired me to do more for the others, and continue to do more to the others.

Milestone, not necessary a huge successful achievement, it could be small, a collection of tiny steps. It is November now, you may think "what have I done this year?" Just take a look back, you have done a lot, you have done the best of yourself every single day. Find the meanings of what you have done.

  • What have you done in the past 10 months? What inspired you the most?

  • Who had left their footprints in your path? How did they influence you?

  • What will be your next milestone? What does that milestone mean to you?

  • How will you celebrate your achievement/milestone?

Happy November!



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