#lamsquare28daychallenge Self-Care reflection

Congratulations to all the friends who have fully or even partly completed this 28 Day Self-Care Challenge. So what happened in this 28 days? What have you discovered? Why you participated this challenge in the first place? What were you looking for? What answer did you get? This challenge is such as self-discovery process. You can discover so many potentials hidden inside yourself by trying new things and doing little acts, that makes you enjoy the moment in life.

If you missed our challenge this time, no worries. It's a self challenge and you can do it anytime when you need it. To make it easy, I have created a beautiful guidebook (which I enjoyed very much) for you so that you can follow through from planning to reflection on this journey. Download your Reflection Journal here. Simply print it out, hang it on the wall as your calendar, stick it on your fridge, or simply keep it in your diary... just be creative to use it.

As Kate James, author of Be mindful & simplify your life, mentioned "Mindful movement is about increasing your activity in any way that appeals to you, and turning in to your body as you move. It's not about joining the gym or taking up running just because you SHOULD, but instead finding enjoyable and incidental ways to increase your physical activity that strengthen and support your body." Same principle applies to making a tea, gardening, reading a book, having a shower, these kind of operational activities can be done in a more enjoyable and meaningful way. 


Again, it's not about how much time you spend on an activity, it's about how conscious you pay on the process of that activity. I like the book Me Time - The self-care guide to being your own best friend by Jessica Sanders where there is a list of all the possible and super easy self-care activities for 5-minute, 10-minute to 1-hour or even half-day. No excuse! See what we have accomplished in the past 28 days and get some ideas from our group.

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