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Develop Your Intuition Workshop

My dear friend and an expert on Executive Coaching and Facilitation Cecilia Yeung from Vancouver, Canada has designed a series of virtual workshops to be launched in the coming months and I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to take part in a few pilot workshops. It was really fun to meet with so many people around the world and to share and learn from each other.

Now I would like to share with you some of Cecilia's workshop information and special offers, as well as my experience on the Develop Your Intuition Workshop which is pretty cool. So please stay up to date on Cecilia's upcoming workshops and join her Meetup Group or Facebook Group.

Leadership Skills

There are mainly two series of virtual workshops. One series focuses on Leadership Skills to help participants with managing work, improving communication/interpersonal skills, and increasing personal effectiveness and motivation. This series includes:

  • Influence and Persuasion

  • Executive Presence

  • Presenting Effectively Online

  • and more...

Check out the next communication skills workshop on 8th August 2020 on Executive Presence, please CLICK HERE for more information and register.

Develop Your Intuition

Another series that I really enjoy is about developing your Intuition to help you learn and grow in your personal and professional life. This series includes:

  • Develop Your Intuition in Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Intuitive Process for Removing Barriers and Persistent Patterns

  • and more...

The questions are: Do you know what intuition is? Do you use intuition to solve problems? Do you trust your intuition? Are you seeking other way/skill to help you make decisions? If you answer NO to any of the above questions, then I’m inviting you to join the next session that may reveal the hidden blocks or unconscious patterns in your life to bring healing and resolution. If you do not know anything at all about constellation work, you can still participate and will find personal insights about yourself, any limiting patterns and how to untangle from these invisible barriers. Interesting right!

The process may resolve your issues relating to health, relationships, money, business, family or simply peace of mind. You are not required to share any private information or personal challenges unless you wish to. The workshop is well designed to allow participants to engage in a process with utmost confidentiality, compassion and unity.

My experience from the workshop is that I can develop a process to use and to access my brain differently and I can use alternative methods or channels for decision making or problem solving. The same way as we say "let's sleep on it", we go for a walk, meditate or do a breathing exercise, we do use these ways to seek for guidance and insights for finding solutions. These ways are part of our intuition skills which we always have, we just need to revisit the channels to access it and build up relationship with our own intuition. It is just a different process from using rational mind that we can explore to guide us unstuck a situation, and those processes are very practical.

If you are interested in joining the coming Develop Intuition Virtual Workshop on 25th July 2020, CLICK HERE for more information and register.

Have fun and keep exploring! Thank you Cecilia for your amazing work and offer.


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