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Project Mason Mission 2 - Treasure Hunt | An experiential project to build meaningful partnership

Project Mason 2021 follows the Inkmason Team for 4 months as they go through a series of missions to build a stronger and meaningful collaborative partnership with their teammates. Review the idea of this project and Mission 1 - Be My Mirror and here comes the reveal of Mission 2 - Treasure Hunt. Follow us for the next mission of #projectmason on 21st October!

Mission 2 - Treasure Hunt
  • Mission - Find a toy together with your teammates at a local op shop/second-hand store and share a story about this toy.

  • Details - Look for a toy, a stationery or an old piece that tells a story about your childhood, an unforgettable moment or an important life lesson. Discover a connection between the teammates' life journeys.

Project Mason by Inkmason and Lamsquare. Project Mason mission 2.

To start with, the first sharing was an old motorbike model by Kin. Reminding him of the time when his whole family riding on his dad's old motorbike, and yes on one motorbike altogether with his dad, mom and sister! The speed, the wind, the over crowded space, the feeling of freedom, and the joy of being together.

Project Mason by Inkmason and Lamsquare. Project Mason mission 2. Kin Lam.

Sharing by the teams!

The leftover wool from knitting sweaters by mom. The process of finding the video game console parts as mom took it apart and hiding them in different places.

The generations of playing marbles. The journey from buying toys to making toys. The happy memories of riding bike.

Going through the difficult time in hospital because of playing fireworks. Getting hurt by other kids and then punished by mom. The classic game of hiding toys by mom (...again? what happened to the moms)!

The glorious time of playing volleyball in school. The journey of visiting grandfather and all the wishes come true. The painful memory of getting a new and very expensive plane model and then destroyed by the brother.

Tossing sandbags, playing marbles, playing trumpet and hoop rolling. They created an amazing vlog to share the behind the scenes of their mission. Sunny also made and shared with the team a traditional sweet 驢打滾 "Rolling Donkey" which is one of the oldest varieties of Beijing snacks.

Thank you very much for the sharing. Really amazing stories. These are real stories and somehow somewhere we can connect with them. The most important learning in this mission is about how family affects who we are - our confidence, our thinking process, our beliefs and values, our way of doing things and our relationships. Now they have another level of understanding of their teammates.

Ok it's time to select one team as their favourite, the one they resonate the most, and it's not easy. Congratulations to Team "Tao Jing Hank"! Out of the 3 mystery award envelopes, they drew out the luxury dining experience, what a wonderful retreat!

Follow us for the next mission reveal of #projectmason on 21st October!

Project Mason by Inkmason and Lamsquare. Kin Lam


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